The FEN (Five Elements Numerology) Workshop is designed for users who're already familiar with other numerology methods (like PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest), and felt the importance and need to improve their profiling skills and analytical habits with the EON (Elements of Numbers) methods. Users who've been practising the basic techniques described in the "Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling" book are also encouraged to attend the FEN WORKSHOP to expand their knowledge and profiling skill sets.

The FEN WORKSHOP is a power-packed 2-day weekend session, comprises of extended methods and advanced contents included in the FEN (Basic) and FEN (Advanced) modules conducted by Ron previously.

Yes, you get to learn all these Intermediate-Advanced-Mastery level techniques, profiling remedies, and discoveries in this 2-day course. No need to pay extra, costly higher modules (conducted elsewhere) since Ron's imparting the fundamentals, underlying root-cause analysis, principles, and know-how to you. Continuing after-class support included, free.

Register and attend the class. See for yourself how much you could have missed learning the FEN profiling techniques and practical applications. "The class is NOT the end of the lessons but the beginning of a new journey that we can walk together." - Ron WZ Sun


1. To allow FEN students to enjoy the best learning experience directly from Ron WZ Sun (author/researcher, software developer, and trainer), you'll get an introductory gift* of the followings (worth SGD$72):
  • Book "Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling"
  • FEON+ (Android) software tool

2. We want everyone to enjoy learning the EON/FEN methods effectively, and through participative and interactive lessons. We conducted the FEN course in a smaller classroom, and limit the maximum to 12 new sign-up students. This way, you can enjoy personalised, enlightening, and positive learning experience in class!

3. You will be part of the special FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp Chat group. You can interact, discuss, and share profiling discoveries and suggest new research ideas with Ron and fellow students. In short, you get a better learning experience and continuing lifelong profiling lessons from a dedicated coach/mentor!

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* Special/Introductory gift available for limited period only, or whilst stock last...

FEN WORKSHOP: Course Outline

  • Quick review on number keywords, symbolic representations, root number traits, hidden numbers, and more. Birth charts representations - age, body, parents, internal & external sectors. Basic personality profiling.
  • Hidden, Mirror, Reflective, Century, hidden patterns, annual forecasting techniques, Yin-Yang duality (underlying principles), elemental sectors. Time of Birth© chart, Combined Birth and Time of Birth chart. Influencing vibes - Sectors, Unique Psychological traits and Stages of Life vibes. & More!
  • Five Elements-FEN fundamentals. Visualisation techniques and profiling. Shapes, colours, Elemental Cycles (Productive, Controlling, Weakening, Repelling). Health & Body organs, Structures and Life Aspects.
  • Periodic Codes© (Life, Annual, Daily, Birth, Relationship) - formula included. Life Pillars - Universal / Personal, Personal Effects (Double and Triple Days), Personal Energies (Annual. Energy Rhythmic Cycles, and Numerical Energies (Life forces, effects, harmonising, and Life Cycles vibrations). Plus newly-discovered EFV FLOW code for behavioural inclination trend, and more!
  • Spiritual Senses, Diabetes, Suicidal, Cholesterol, Cancer, Tinnitus, Gout, OCD, Asthma, Anxiety, Sex Drive/Addiction, and more. Yearly outlook, Double Effects (Year, Month, Day). Techniques to identify potential health symptoms or patterns. Heavenly Send-Off. & More!
  • Marriage & Joint Partnerships, Child Birth, conceptions, complications, miscarriage. Spouse elements. Checking on Spouse, Parental Health patterns.
  • Annual career vibes, changing jobs, Career Element. Career Number (activation & optimising vibes). Smart genes (street-smart, book-smart) - internal, external, maximising periodic vibes. Wealth Number, Wealth element - daily and periodic enhancement. Positive Double-Effects.
  • Personal & Day Directions: Basic and Extended directions. Choose good dates to enhance and energise wealth and luck. Unique FEN Qi Tapping for energy optimisation and enhancer!
  • Techniques to identify and understanding underlying fundamentals (root-cause analysis) of patterns, EFV/EMF codes, including new ones anytime! Extreme effects - fatal and non-serious ones.
  • Profiling and maximising use of FEON+ software features - Challenges & Opportunities. Combined Charts. Remedials, workaround, case study exercises, continuing lessons and follow-up. Basic Transactional Analysis (TA) ego states and stroking communication techniques.


  • Date: To be advised (ON-DEMAND schedule: 6-students-to-go*)
  • Time: 9:30am to 5:00pm
  • Profiling trainer/mentor/coach: Ron WZ Sun
  • Course notes: Yes.
  • Course Fee: $426 (Usual) Early-bird discount @special rate, including free EON book and FEON+ (Android) software (worth total S$72)!
  • Class/Training Venue (tentative): to be advised



    We are able to offer our courses at lower rates due to the followings:
    • DIRECT & PERSONAL. We do not use external commercial marketing services. We promote our courses direct to you, and through word-of-mouth marketing from our students and friends.
    • PASSIONS & KNOWLEDGE. We conduct the classes to share and impart our knowledge due to our strong passion and "paying-it-forward" beliefs.
    • VALUES & EXPERIENCE. We don't cut corners by providing sub-standard lessons. Instead, you get to acquire more methods and enjoy positive learning experiences.
    • SUPPORT & APPRECIATION. We could offer our EON book and FEON+ software to you, as a complimentary gift, as a gesture of goodwill for your support. If purchase externally, the package is SGD$72.
    • VALUE-ADD & COMMITMENT. We want you to save money, and not to waste your hard-earned money by attending expensive courses with bad experiences. Learning numerology for profiling from the right mentor need not be so expensive!
    • LIFELONG LEARNING & MASTERY. We are committed and dedicated to help you learn and improve your knowledge and skillset. We provides WhatsApp chat group access for continuing lessons after class.

    As we need to include operational and logistic cost (like classroom rental and training material), we need 6 new students to sign-up before we can confirm and start the class, due to our lower course fees. If you've 6 or more like-minded course-mates (from UCMHP, LifeQuest, Visiber, PON) keen to attend our FEN WORKSHOP class to extend your profiling knowledge with the extended EON/FEN techniques, do contact us for customised schedule arrangement.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and appreciate your patience and kind understanding.


    We received positive feedback from our students about our training style, the practical knowledge they've acquired in class, and the participative lessons that they've enjoyed. Click below for actual testimonials from some students...

    Email to SunTzu2796@gmail.com, SMS, or WhatsApp with message header "FEN [YourName] [Message]" to (65)9234-1668 to pre-register for the next course, to send your message. Sorry, NO phone support or voice call is available. We'll reply to your text message as soon as we can.

Key Highlights...


Fundamentals & Applications

Learn a simple and effective method to visualise the FIVE ELEMENTS principles, and include the knowledge into your profiling. Understand (and visualise) the interactions and effects of the elemental energies that could impact you - positively and negatively.

Identify the tendency signs and prepare yourself ahead. Take control and ride with the flow for better and effective control.


See the signs beyond numbers

Acquire the process to identify contributing factors in each number and its associated element.

Learn how to piece the number puzzles together, and identify clues and tendency signs to every number combination, on your own.

Number patterns are just like being with a group of new friends. The eventual experience and outcome of the gathering depends on each person's needs, wants, and compromises. Learn to interpret these numbers – individual, and when combined - in an easy and fast manner, without confusing and complicated theories.


Profiling beyond personalities

Relying on expensive symbolic ornaments, permanent life code pattern, and other "imposing and impractical theories" are ineffective and unsustainable, when you aren't aware of the impending forces from the periodic energies. Like it or not, the recurrent Qi energies can strike you hard (when you least expect it), overload and burden you (with more than you can take it), or just bypass (when you desperately need it) quickly and ignoring you.

Learn the various processes and techniques to identify periodic energies (from the Year, Month, Day, and Hour) that you should manifest and maximise ahead, and as well as those you should dilute and overcome.

Be it to improve your luck, wealth, career, health, or the desire to achieve more success, you can have the empowerment to change, for a better life ahead.


Areas for self-improvements.

Understand why some people are so lucky and always getting the best of everything, with little effort and time. Understand why others are healthier and fitter than you when they don't exercise as much as you do.

Learn how to enrich your life and health in a practical and fast way. Acquire the various techniques, including the "Qi Tapping" process to harmonise and maximise Qi energies for better and positive outcomes.

Understand the ANNUAL CODE and BIRTH CODE clues, and much more, including the hidden signs - positive and negative ones - for better preparations and actions ahead.

What to expect from FEN class

EON/FEN Discoveries (from Ron) 100%

Immersive/Participative Experience (from students) 96%

Understanding Five Elements (from Ron) 100%

Life path techniques (from Ron) 100%

We don't have all the answers to your questions, problems, and needs. But, we can impart the underlying fundamentals and profiling knowledge to guide you with the means to improve yourself, and achieve the goals you have always wanted. And eventually, you might discover the answers to your own questions, problems, and needs sooner!

Learn the EON/FEN techniques and well-prepared yourself to face the challenges and overcome obstacles positively while you grab the opportunities to have a purposeful and rewarding ending. Remember, "Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, which is why it is called THE PRESENT."

Sign up now and give yourself THE PRESENT to enjoy better tomorrow, today!


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