F.A.Q. (Frequently-Asked Questions)

Below are some common questions and answers that I've gathered. Do check on them and see if the answers are there.

The FEN WORKSHOP combines both the FEN (Basic) and FEN (Advanced) modules. In a way, you get to attend a "2-in-1" session, at a lower course fee. You also save time over a 2-day weekend (Sat/Sun). One more thing... you need to prepare yourself mentally for an immersive learning experience.

It doesn't make sense to do a comparison, if you only seek answers on the trainer's presentation styles, and the course fee. It is easy to judge a trainer's attitude towards his or her students simply by checking on their attitudes, passions, research, and desire for continuing lessons. I cannot comment on other trainers (especially non-authors) as I wouldn't know their training style, attitudes, and sincere earnest for sharing. Anyway, please ask and check out their course outlines and training methods.

I've spent time on my research, self-published a book, and posted regular articles on my web-blog (www.ElementsOfNumbers.com) for more than 10 years. Today, I'm still posting regular articles to share my discoveries. You have read many of my articles, and many of you have benefited from the insightful information. I believe, by now, you'd be able to profile an overview of the type of trainer I am - with the passion, commitment, and urge to share findings with you whenever possible. It's always easier once you've trusted yourself and your intuitions. Together, we can enjoy the lifelong, continuing learning and sharing experiences.

While we appreciate your earlier support, the "Introductory" gift is a gesture of goodwill on Ron's part, as an encouragement to attract students to the FEN community. Students can review the basics anytime by reading the EON book, and profile users real-time with the FEON+ software. We may remove this "Introductory" gift later, if need be.

The course fee is already set at a reasonable rate. Currently, we cannot offer further discount even if you don't want the "Introductory" gift.

You can pass the EON book to a deserving friend or loved ones whom you think can benefit as well. Likewise, you can install the FEON+ software on another device too.

We aimed to conduct the class as scheduled as we understand your busy schedule and anxiously to attend our class. However, we reserved the rights to cancel the class (due to urgent reasons), or postpone it to another later date should there be insufficient student signing up (to form a class) when the registration closed. Full payment would be returned accordingly should we cancelled or postponed the class.

While we strive to keep the course fee low by not going through external commercialised "for-profit" marketing companies, we seek your kind understanding as we need to confirm the classroom early (for classroom booking and rental cost) or release the room to other trainers. We also need to impose an administrative fee of S$50 for any cancellation once course schedule is confirmed.

If you've no important weekend errands or appointment already scheduled on the course weekends, and/or still contemplating to register, then make the decision now and register early before the registration dateline. We promise you'll experience an exciting training lesson and visual experience from Ron, and acquire the relevant knowledge to prepare yourself ready for positive change, and better times ahead.

Sure, why not? We don’t believe in the ‘no questions asked’ approach in adult-learning, self-improvement lessons. So, register for the course and stand by a list of questions to ask. We provides equal benefits and opportunities to everyone in class. We prefer every student can get at least one question answered while in class, and as long as you don’t disrupt the lessons.

Many FEN students enjoyed attending our classes as they could ask related questions anytime, and get the answers in class. If questions are not answered due to time constraints, they'd be answered through email, or posted as articles when contents (and non-sensitive info) are also useful to everyone.

Yes. The training is proper. We'll pass you the official course receipt on the first day of the class. Receipts would be issued by RON MARIE SERVICES.
If you made payment via PayPal transaction method, we will have to wait for PayPal's email notification on the successful transaction, which will include your name, email, and contact number. We can then follow-up with you via email or mobile.

If you made payment via DBS PayLah! method, we would receive a notification alert on the phone. Please make sure to include your mobile contact as well, as otherwise, we couldn't contact you as there isn't any mobile number or email address stated.

If you've forgotten to include your mobile number in the PayLah! transacton, don't worry - just email to Ron at SunTzu2796@gmail.com with your name, email address, and mobile number, together with PayLah! transaction date (and estimated time). We will follow-up with you via WhatsApp.

No, the current copy is developed for AndroidOS smartphone devices only. We're reviewing the possibity of developing an iOS version, including a basic Web-based browser app. Currently, it's premature to provide any schedule or information yet. Apologies...
We're always looking for opportunities to conduct similar courses or workshops outside Singapore. Now that Ron is on his own, it's easier to discuss the training requirement and logistics. If you, or someone you know, could help in organising the course, we are ready to conduct the class anytime, subjected to our schedules.

Could not find the answer?

Feel free to email me at SunTzu2796@gmail.com if you have a separate question not answered in this FAQ.


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