NIPL Oracle - In a Nutshell

The NIPL Oracle can be used for multiple use:

What's in the NIPL Oracle package?

  • Includes 108 Cards
    • 82 NUMBERS Cards
    • 10 YIN Cards
    • 10 YANG Cards
    • 6 ELEMENT Cards
  • Deck set in plain tuck box
  • Card size: 70mm x 120mm

  • Card design - including layout structure and colour shades, components used, and unique EON Oracle concepts and profiling methods - are © 2018-2019 by Ron WZ Sun. All rights reserved. Unauthorised duplication or representations prohibited.

    Numbers In Positive Light Oracle

    The NUMBERS IN POSITIVE LIGHT Oracle (or NIPL Oracle, for short) is designed to allow multi-disciplinary readings, and incorporated essence and elements of Numerology (Ron's EON method), Chinese Metaphysics (Five Elements), and Western Metaphysics and Profiling (Psychological Traits & Behavioural Trends, etc).

    The NIPL Oracle is essential for:

    • anyone who's keen to receive unique and positive AFFIRMATIVE messages to improve their daily lives;
    • enthusiastic users to explore how the affirmative message is connected to the numbers on the card, and to learn the EON numerology concepts anytime later; and
    • like-minded users familiar with numerology, and keen to explore the Oracle/divination aspect of the EON method.

    The NIPL Oracle is conceptualised, designed, authored, and self-published by RON WZ Sun, author/researcher of the book "Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling"; creator of the Elements of Numbers (EON) system/method; and trainer/mentor of the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) and other complementary courses.

    Users who've attended the EON/FEN course, or UCMHP, PON, LifeQuest, Visiber, and other similar numerology courses; professional Numerologists; and passionate numerology enthusiasts, would benefit using the NIPL Oracle. These empowered advanced users to identify potential contributing factors leading to the situation; the energy movement influenced by the Yin negative vibes, and Yang positive vibes. In many ways, you can embrace the use of multiple metaphysical disciplines within a single reading.

    EON ORACLE students have extra bonus steps (because of extra techniques learned in Module 2 class) to identify Energy Flows and Strengths influencing a person consciously, or during their unconscious states.


    The intent of Numbers in Positive Light Oracle (or NIPL Oracle for short), is to provide heart-centered Oracle readers and enthusiasts of the deck to perform readings beyond basic Oracle use - to include profiling components and behavioural trends into the intuitive readings, and provide practical tips or guidelines to the message received from the cards.
    The NIPL Oracle has 4 main card groups. The NUMBERS Card is the main set to use. The rest of the card groups like YIN Card, YANG Card, and ELEMENTCard, are useful as add-on to your Oracle readings to allow you to identify extra clues.

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    NUMBERS Card

    The NUMBERS Card provides self-explanatory traits or characteristic associated with the numbers. When you’ve three different numbers on one card, it means three different sets of traits leading to the message you received. As we’ve provided numerous traits to associate each number, these provide you with multiple combinations of the numbers when linked in a sequence. These enable Oracle readers of the NIPL Oracle to have hundreds of different interpretations based on the matrix of traits available. And hopefully, it could spark off your own perception and understanding of each number further. FEN students are taught the visualisation techniques, and this means thousands or more combinations they can link to the three numbers on each NUMBERS Card.

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    YIN Card

    The YIN Card includes characteristics and traits associated with the number on the card. There is extra KEYWORD associated with the number, like number 1 is ALONE, 2 is TALK, and so on. The AFFIRMATIVE message at the bottom of the YIN Card provides message that you can apply, to avoid the negative energies from manifesting on you. It’s like the need to be wary of the opposite consequences if you don’t take action towards the positiveness of the message stated on the card.

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    YANG Card

    The YANG Card includes characteristics and traits associated to the number on the card. There is KEYWORD which we’ve specially rephrased to focus on the POSITIVE aspect of the number. Like number 1 is LEADER, 2 is COOPERATION, and so on. The AFFIRMATIVE message at the bottom of the card, provides positive meanings, in addition of positive advices you can follow to avoid falling into the negative Yin aspect of the number.

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    ELEMENT Card

    The ELEMENT Card follows Ron’s Elements of Numbers ( EON) methodology, and the Five Elements’ Cycles (Produce, Weaken, Control, Repel) illustration. Knowledge of the Five Elements is essential to understand the interaction of the ELEMENT Card, and its potential influence on the person asking the question.

    Extra steps are needed to use the ELEMENT Card effectively, and these extended techniques are taught in the EON ORACLE class.

    BONUS & GOOD DEALS (Exclusive for EON ORACLE students)

    On each NUMBERS Card are special symbols, and above theAFFIRMATIVEmessage is the uniquecode number sequence.” Knowledge and understanding of the codes enable you to identify the ENERGY movement and RESPONSE flow on the card. The techniques to interpret the code sequence and its applications are taught in the EON ORACLE workshop sessions.


    The NIPL Oracle is designed with multiple metaphysics disciplinary components, and is suitable for readings with multiple approaches. Two instruction cards are included to get you started. Click on below panel to expand for extra info...


    Daily Positive Affirmations

    Ideal for daily use.
  • Apply the 1-Card Spread Layout.
  • Shuffle the deck. Tune to the question asked. Pick one card.
  • Read the positive, affirmative message at the bottom of the card, and interpret them as your daily personal advice from the Oracle guardians.
  • NIPL

    Conscious Awareness

    Have you been noticing same sequences of 2-digit numbers lately? Perhaps the spiritual guardians are trying to send you a message.
  • Pick the card related to the 2-digit number
  • Read the AFFIRMATIVE message for clues on the information received."
  • NIPL

    Decoding the Influencing Energies

    Ideal for a situational purpose when you need to seek the Oracle.
  • Use the 2-Card or 3-Card Spread.
  • Shuffle the deck. Tune to the question asked. Pick 2 or 3 cards (depending on Spread layout)
  • Reading of the card is via the KEYWORDS. Interpret them.
  • Additional character traits associated to the numbers, act as potential contributing factors.
  • NIPL

    Identifying Energy Movement and Response Flows

    This method is primarily for advanced users familiar with Ron WZ Sun’s Elements of Numbers (EON) method, or has attended the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) or EON ORACLE courses.
  • Apply the 2-Card, 3-Card, or any relevant Multi-Card Spreads layout.
  • Shuffle the NUMBERS Cards using similar approach as above “NUMERICAL ENERGY CARD” method.
  • Shuffle the YIN, YANG, and ELEMENT Cards. Pick one card from each group.
  • Read the YIN/YANG Cards, for potential negative and positive energies.
  • Read the affirmative message.
  • NIPL

    The Visual Way to Understand Numbers

    Each NUMBERS Card includes multiple characteristics and traits associated to the specific number. In addition, the colour background allows beginners to remember the elemental colour (Five Elements principles) of the number. Through regular practices as a "flash-card learning tool," your knowledge and understanding of the numbers and asscociated traits could improve tremendously. You're no longer restricted or constrained by a single-word associations to the numbers.


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    The "Numbers in Positive Light" (NIPL) Oracle deck is designed purely for entertainment use only. User are solely liable and responsible for their own interpretations, behaviours, and actions. User must acknowledge that using the NIPL Oracle deck, is at their own risk, before proceeding to use. Ron WZ Sun, including associates and authorised representatives, are not responsible for all user's actions, direct or indirect; and is NOT liable for any consequential damages or cost incurred, or financial loss, as a result or its misuse from the original intent for entertainment only.

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