NSQ Profiling

The NSQ Profiling course is a complementary Profiling module introduced by Ron WZ Sun, author https:// the book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” This module is designed for anyone, with or without prior knowledge of the various numerology methods. Recommended and essential for those who've attended UCMHP, PON, LifeQuest, & Visiber course(s) earlier, and need a fast way to identify behavioural traits and patterns. Also recommended as "add-on" module for students who have completed the previous EON WORKSHOP or current FEN WORKSHOP modules.

The nine-square chart numerology is commonly known/used in Western countries. However, its usefulness is applicable and limited to personality Profiling. Ron has been researching to enhance his Elements of Numbers (EON) method for the past few years, and has since added extended techniques to enable anyone to prhttps://ile a person beyond numbers, and towards life path Profiling.

By applying the same ingenious approach of analysing from fresh perspectives, Ron discovered he could use the nine-square chart to prhttps://ile a person’s personality and life path tendencies as well. This means that apart from identifying the personality traits of a person from a nine-square chart, it’s now possible to extend the analysis and look at a person’s life path tendencies, especially their behavioural trends and impulse inclinations.

Students who complete the NSQ Profiling are taught to understand and build their Profiling knowledge using the ‘visualisation techniques’ through compelling, visual slides and explanations; similar to the participative coaching/teaching techniques adopted for the FEN WORKSHOP modules. This visual approach helps students to remember the traits, tendencies, and characteristics associated to the nine-square chart easily and fast.

Register and attend the class. See for yourself how much you could have missed learning the NSQ Profiling techniques and practical applications. "The class is NOT the end of the lessons but the beginning of a new journey that we can walk together." - Ron WZ Sun


1. To allow NSQ students to enjoy the best learning experience directly from Ron WZ Sun (author/researcher, shttps://tware developer, and trainer), you'll get:
  • Specially-designed Excel file to plot and identify behavioural trends

2. We want everyone to enjoy learning the NSQ methods effectively, and through participative and interactive lessons. We conducted the NSQ course in a smaller classroom, and limit the maximum to 12 new sign-up students. This way, you can enjoy personalised, enlightening, and positive learning experience in class!

3. You will be part of the special NSQ COMMUNITY WhatsApp Chat group. You can interact, discuss, and share Profiling discoveries and suggest new research ideas with Ron and fellow students. In short, you get a better learning experience and continuing lifelong Profiling lessons from a dedicated coach/mentor!

4. Check this link for answers to frequently-asked questions.

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NSQ Profiling: Course Outline

  • Plotting the NSQ chart
  • Associated Planes
  • Numbers and Squares
  • Arrows of Pythagoras - Strengths & Weaknesses, others
  • Numbers and Associated Traits
  • Keyword, Element, Strength, Weaknesses
  • Character Strengths, Relationships
  • Periodic Charts (Hour, Day, Month, Year)
  • Names and Energies
  • Psychological Traits, Characters/Traits Table/Chart
  • Basic EON Profiling associations
  • Apply the basic EON principles to the NSQ a chart.
  • Understanding the Arrows and characteristics from EON perspectives.
  • New, simple-to-plot visual chart formulated and exclusive to NSQ.
  • Identify character and behavioural strength signals.
  • Identify energies affecting the different behavioural traits of a person.
  • Identify personality traits, annual traits, and periodic traits.
  • Know why some people behave or act in certain ways although they could feel or think differently.
  • Checking on relevant intelligence groupings for signs

2nd NSQ Profiling details:

  • Date: 12 January 2019 (Saturday) (Class is cancelled. We apologised for the inconvenience.
  • Time: 9:30am to 5:00pm
  • Profiling trainer/mentor/coach: Ron WZ Sun
  • Course notes: Yes.
  • Course Fee: (to be provided later)
  • Class/Training Venue (tentative): 808, Kitchener Complex, French Road, Singapore 200808.
    • Training Room unit # will be provided to registered students.
    • About 3-5 minutes walk from Lavendar MRT station. Ample car park lots available (Free nearby HDB parking on Sunday)


Email to SunTzu2796@gmail.com, SMS, or WhatsApp with message header "NSQ [YourName] [Message]" to (65)9234-1668 to pre-register for the course, to send your message. Sorry, NO phone support or voice call is available. We'll reply to your text message as soon as we can.

Key Highlights...


Fundamentals & Applications

Learn a simple and effective method to visualise the FIVE ELEMENTS principles, and include the knowledge into your Profiling. Understand (and visualise) the interactions and effects of the numbers (in each square) that could impact you - positively and negatively.

Identify the tendency signs and prepare yourself ahead. Take control and ride with the flow for better and effective control.


Beyond numbers and squares

Gain the techniques and knowledge to identify probable factors in each number and its location.

Identify behavioural trends by checking on tendency signs to the arrows (strengths and weaknesses), on your own.

The eventual behavioural experience and outcome of the actions, impulses, and intelligence depends on each person's needs, wants, and compromises. Learn to interpret these numbers and squares – individual, and when combined - in an easy and fast manner, without confusing and complicated theories.


Profiling beyond personalities

The recurrent Qi energies can strike you hard (when you least expect it), overload and burden you (with more than you can take it), or just bypass (when you desperately need it) quickly and ignoring you.

Identify how the periodic energies (from the Year, Month, Day, and Hour) could influence and affect you - your behaviours, thoughts, feelings, and actions. Plan what you should manifest and maximise ahead, and as well as those you should dilute and overcome, for a better day ahead.


Areas for self-improvements.

Understand why some people are so lucky and always getting the best of everything, with little effort and time. Understand why others are healthier and fitter than you when they don't exercise as much as you do.

Learn how to enrich your life and health in a practical and fast way. Acquire the various techniques, including the "Behavioural Impulse" and "Behavioural Intelligence" methods to control and manage the energies - within you, and around you - for better and positive outcomes.

Understand and know yourself and others better. Take charge and behave in positive manners for better preparations and actions ahead.

What to expect from NSQ class

NSQ Discoveries (from Ron) 100%

Immersive/Participative Experience (from students) 96%

Understanding Arrows of Influences (from Ron) 100%

Behavioural trends and Life path techniques (from Ron) 100%

We don't have all the answers to your questions, problems, and needs. But, we can impart the underlying fundamentals and Profiling knowledge to guide you with the means to improve yourself, and achieve the goals you have always wanted. And eventually, you might discover the answers to your own questions, problems, and needs sooner!

Learn the NSQ techniques and well-prepared yourself to face the challenges and overcome obstacles positively while you grab the opportunities to have a purposeful and rewarding ending. Remember, "The PAST is experience. The PRESENT is experiment. And the FUTURE is expectation. Use your experience in your experiments to achieve your expectations."

Sign up now and know your EXPECTATIONS for a better tomorrow, today!


The names of the persons, products, images or photos, or companies used in the case studies in the book "Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling" and/or mentioned on this site (including our affiliate sites) are for case study and Profiling references only; they serve to demonstrate and explain the associations of the numbers, and its elemental effects, based on my research findings. The behaviours, traits, characteristics, and potential health effects stated are not an indication that the person(s), product, or company mentioned will have, exhibit, or suffer from the symptoms and/or traits mentioned.

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