Have you been paying regularly to seek oracle guidance on troubled issues each time you faced them - be it about your career, finances, relationships, business, and others? Eventually, you know the answers yourself. It's just that you wanted a solace and comforting answer when you're down; and an uplifting and reassuring answer when you're positively charged.

Get paid to read Oracle forecast for others!

What if you're on the other side - the person reading the oracle forecasting for others? You get paid for your services, and at same time, you practised what you've learned. And you know, we'll be there mentoring you should you need further guidance. Over time, people come to you regularly to seek oracle answers.You can even apply your newfound skills for passive incomes, or for some of you, a full-time passionate job reading oracle forecast for others. You can do it face-to-face, private consultation, webinar, online - the choices and possibilities are huge, once you understood the fundamentals that we want to teach you. As they said, " THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER" - read on if you're ready to acquire a new skill.

Get coaching to master the basics...

Our EON ORACLE courses are specially formulated to help you attain a unique and fast way to receive guidance and insights through the universal wisdom of oracle and divination of numbers. Unlike typical TAROT or other Tarot Numerology methods, the interpretations and applications of EON ORACLE are based on the principles and techniques of Ron WZ Sun's EON (Elements of Numbers) and FEN (Five Elements Numerology) methods, for better oracle guidance.

108 impressive ways & more, than poker-card divinations

The EON ORACLE course is highly recommended for users familiar with other numerology methods (like EON/FEN, PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest), and felt the need to expand, learn, and seek the oracle and divination guidance on life issues. Users with knowledge of Bazi, ZiWeiDouShu, QiMenDunJia, YiJing, or other Chinese Metaphysics systems, might find this course an easier-to-learn and refreshing change from traditional poker-card divination methods.

Extra information on the EON ORACLE method...

  • The oracle cards used in the EON ORACLE Workshop form a strong connection between you and the spiritual divine that is available in the universe.
  • You don't need to be a psychic or have special spiritual abilities to read the oracle cards effectively. When picking the EON ORACLE cards, you'll be guided to those you need by the divine guides to make wiser choices for intuitive guidance, empowerment, and well-being.
  • Like in any metaphysics and spiritual practice, the more time and energy you dedicate to using the EON ORACLE cards, the better you will be at it. You can also find more on the opportunities for growth, enhancing awareness, self-knowledge, and joy in your daily life!
  • Discover how you can use the EON ORACLE as a vibrant way to access inner wisdom, and to gain meaningful, practical insights into your life aspects (like relationships, career, family, and personal development). The more you trust the connection between you and the spiritual and universe, the more accurate your readings will be!
  • The EON ORACLE course in Singapore would be conducted personally by Ron WZ Sun. We strive to provide quality lessons, impart practical knowledge, and create positive learning experience.

EON ORACLE workshop

  • Date: (no schedule currently)
  • Time: 9:30am to 5:00pm (Saturday)


The essential training to acquire yourself with the knowledge, skills, understanding, and competence to perform basic Oracle reading. Course overview:

  • Using the "Numbers in Positive Light" (NIPL) Oracle Deck.
    • Getting connected with the 108 cards.
    • Understanding the 4 Group cards: NUMBERS Cards, YIN Cards, YANG Cards, ELEMENT Cards.
    • Know the cards, and understand NIPL Oracle design elements - colour, affirmative messages, text, and numbers.
  • Mastering the NIPL application methods.
    • Learn how to "make the NIPL Oracle" work for you.
  • Respecting the NIPL Oracle: Dos and Don'ts, Energies, Cleansing.
  • Application: How to perform an Oracle reading!
    • Hands-on practices using basic card spread layouts.
    • Techniques to read Oracle cards.
  • Group and individual discussions and case studies included!
Upon completion of this Module 1, you can achieve and complete the following learning outcomes:
  • You understand the oracle fundamentals to use the NIPL Oracle deck.
  • You know how the 4 Group cards work, and apply them to your readings.
  • You can perform basic Oracle reading for yourself and others, using basic Oracle spread layouts.


The path towards becoming a confident, competent, and paid NIPL Oracle professional. Learners must have completed Module 1 earlier. Course overview:

  • Advanced knowledge of the "Numbers in Positive Light" (NIPL) Oracle Deck.
    • Understanding the symbol signs on each number of the card.
    • Understand and apply the energy flows of special number codes on each card.
    • Apply the Five Elements principles, interactions, and cycles to the NIPL Oracle readings.
  • Advanced usage of the YIN, YANG, and ELEMENT Cards.
    • Identify "key signs" on strengths and weaknesses of the card.
    • Apply "key signs" with person's charts (like referencing to EON or Bazi charts).
  • Advanced application: Extending the NIPL Oracle reading!
    • Using advanced card spread layouts.
    • Creating and using customised card spreads.
  • Group and individual discussions and case studies included!
Upon completion of this Module 2, you can achieve and complete the following learning outcomes:
  • You can optimise the oracle techniques and your numerology or metaphysics profiling knowledge to use the NIPL Oracle deck for professional readings.
  • You can apply the advanced techniques of NIPL Oracle cards to complement other Chinese Metaphysics or Chinese/Western Numerology systems, to your readings.
  • You can create your own customised card spread layout for extended readings.
  • You can perform professional Oracle readings, paid or otherwise, for anyone!

WhatsApp with message header "ORACLE [YourName] [Message]" to Ron WZ Sun at (65)9234-1668 to course schedule, or send your enquiry message. We'll reply to your text message as soon as we can.

A Brief History of EON Oracle...


Special cards deck

Designed and hand-crafted personally by Ron WZ Sun, the EON ORACLE CARDS deck provides an oracle application extension to Master Phat's wonderful EN CARDS deck sets. The EON ORACLE CARDS is used by Ron for personal research & practises; and to apply oracle guidances on "call to action" choices.

Besides demonstrating the EON ORACLE CARDS deck, tips on creating your own oracle cards deck and useful spread layouts would be shared.


Special cards deck

Besides providing profiling consultations and oracle services, Master Phat (Ron's student) also conducts basic EON PROFILING and EN ORACLE courses in Thailand. The EN CARDS deck is created by Master Phat and is used in her oracle classes in Thailand.

Master Phat's training is the start of a fresh oracle discoveries and spiritual journey for the students, and the knowledge to make better choices to gain meaningful insights and intuitive guidances.


Hands-on Sessions

Besides learning the basic EON theories on the numbers on each card, and understanding the EON ORACLE method, students get to practise what they've learned, and interpret the oracle cards as well.

The above photo shows some students practising one of the many oracle spreads shared in class, using Master Phat's EN CARD deck. Students learned to interpret the meanings of the picked card from the oracle spreads, using the EON ORACLE method.


NIPL Oracle Deck

The intent of Numbers in Positive Light Oracle (or NIPL Oracle for short), is to provide heart-centered Oracle readers and enthusiasts of the deck to perform readings beyond basic Oracle use.

Ron designed the NIPL Oracle Deck entirely, using his experience and insights. He included profiling components and behavioural trend signs in the card for intuitive readings, and as well as including tips or guidelines to the message received from the cards.

What to expect from EON ORACLE class

Understanding the EON ORACLE Techniques (from trainer) 100%

Immersive/Participative Experience (from students) 96%

Applying the EON ORACLE method (from trainer) 100%

Interpreting and advising the EON ORACLE cards (from trainer) 100%

We don't have all the answers to your questions, problems, and needs. But, we can impart the underlying fundamentals and oracle knowledge to guide you with the means to improve yourself, and seek oracle awareness to make better life choices in your life. And eventually, you might discover the answers to your own questions, problems, and needs... sooner!

Discover how you can use the EON ORACLE method as a vibrant way to access inner wisdom and gain meaningful insights in your life, and others. Apply the EON ORACLE technique as a lifelong aid to enhancing awareness, spiritual guidance, self-knowledge, and a delightful way to grow to your fullest potential.


The names of the persons, products, images or photos, or companies used in the case studies in the book "Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling" and/or mentioned on this site (including our affiliate sites) are for case study and profiling references only; they serve to demonstrate and explain the associations of the numbers, and its elemental effects, based on my research findings. The behaviours, traits, characteristics, and potential health effects stated are not an indication that the person(s), product, or company mentioned will have, exhibit, or suffer from the symptoms and/or traits mentioned.

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