The AGILITY IN PROFILING Webinar is designed for all users who've attended numerology classes, and are already familiar with numerology methods and techniques; but yet, felt the importance and need to improve their profiling skills, analytical habits, and application usage - like how to apply and profile charts - to understand key signs.

Firstly, the PAIN POINTS many of you are facing...

You may have already attended one of these numerology classes:

  • PON (Power of Numbers)
  • UCMHP (Universal Character Method of Human Profiling)
  • LifeQuest (Science of Numbers)
  • Visiber
  • and others, using PON or UCMHP methods
You have acquired a lot of knowledge from your trainers. You have learned about the number patterns - like divorce, mistress signs, and others - and have a comprehensive list of presumptive traits at your fingertips. After completing the course, you began to build profiles on your own chart, and as time permitted, you began to examine the charts of your loved ones and others. You felt great and inspiring by taking the first step to get to know yourself and others better.

You fast-tracked your new learning and profiled as many charts as possible. After a while, you realised that you had made conflicting observations when you compared them to your trainer's notes. Not everybody who has certain number patterns on their birth charts, is a mistress, gambler, bankruptcy, murderer, or divorced. You realised that the knowledge your trainer taught you was at a 'rudimentary' level, often with presumptive views that are inconclusive, illogical, absurd, and naive; with theories that can't be applied to most people. Unfortunately, you learned from a trainer who has a fixed mindset.

Then you came across the Elements of Numbers (EON) methodology...

You needed more hands-on knowledge than this 'theoritical' level, something you can apply with confidence and skill. You paid a lot to attend their classes. You then came across my Elements of Numbers (EON) method, or was referred by your fellow course-mates or friends. You started reading the over-a-thousand of articles posted on the website, felt that you had learned interesting knowledge free of charge. You wanted to improve and you were looking forward to attending my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation where lockdowns and WFH (Work From Home) arrangements are common, conducting in-person classes is not the same as simply migrating the lessons to virtual online classes. Usually more days and time is needed for online lessons, and as a result, I'd to disrupt your learning plans.

Finally, there is a modular, inexpensive and shorter solution...

Thus began the AGILITY IN PROFILING Webinar, a series of short 2.5-hour sessions, where you will learn a specific topic - the fundamentals, techniques, and how to apply them. What's more - some of you can have your birth dates analysed (subject to time constraints) and get an answer to a question, during the live case-study walkthrough.

Each Webinar session covers a single topic or subject. You will gain a better understanding of the lesson without being overwhelmed by multiple techniques like the usual full-day class. It's like learning a specific module/technique from the main FEN (Five Elements Numerology) course. You can now enjoy the benefits, gain insights and learn new techniques at every webinar, at a reasonable cost.


  • A brief overview of Ron WZ Sun, including his achievements and professional certifications. And why you are in safe hands...
  • A quick review of EON Charting layout, an explanation of the influencing vibes, and more (depending on the webinar topic)
  • Learn the principles and application techniques at the webinar.
  • Here's where you get to see in real time, how questions about the topic is answered, using FEON+ software as a productivity tool for profiling. You are free to post your birth date (or someone's else date of birth) to see how the profiling analysis is conducted (subject to time constraints) and learn the application technique at the same time.


At the end of each Webinar session, you will be able to:
  • Analyse and observe the topic from an EON perspective and identify relevant clues in your personal chart, or other people's charts.
  • Identify and observe potential issues - both positive and negative - relevant to the topic.
  • Distinguish between influencing vibes that could reinforce (strengthen) or weaken the elemental energies in the chart.
  • List down the various choices available and take steps to minimise barriers or mitigate impediments.
  • Profile a chart based on the webinar topic.
  • Discover how the FEON+ tool can be a productive asset for your profiling analysis.

WEBINAR SESSIONS: Past Webinar Topics

  • Agility in Profiling: CAREER
    • 27 May 2021 (Thursday) - for FEN students
    • 17 June 2021 (Thursday)
  • Agility in Profiling: PERSONAL YEAR
    • 15 July 2021 (Thursday)
  • Agility in Profiling: SMART GENES
    • 20 August 2021 (Friday)

If you missed any of the above webinar topics and would like me to hold another session, gather a group of like-minded friends (minimum 10pax) and contact me at I can then schedule a date to hold the webinar for you and others also.


We received positive feedback from our students about our training style, the practical knowledge they've acquired in class, and the participative lessons that they've enjoyed. You will receive similar training experience at our Webinar sessions too..

WEBINAR details:

  • Date: (to be advised)
  • Time: 7:30pm to 10:00pm (Singapore time, GMT+8)
  • Presented by: Ron WZ Sun
  • Webinar fees: S$27 (Early-bird), $42 (Normal)
  • Location: Virtual online via ZOOM


If you’ve to decide on one technique that’s very important to learn – a “die-die must learn” no matter what, then the Five Elements Visualisation technique is the ultimate lesson you cannot miss.

You might have learned about the basic keywords associated with the numbers, like 1 is Alone, 2 is Talk, 3 is Fast, and so on. Your trainers have taught you more about the characteristics of each number, including symbolic representations.

That's good, first of all. The fact is, how many of you are still struggling to remember these traits associated with each number, and how many of you are stuck after you have remembered all the traits shared by your trainers?

What if I told you you don't need to remember all those traits anymore? It doesn’t matter if you’ve attended the preview, advanced, mastery or practitioner level courses on the Power of Numbers (PON), LifeQuest Science of Numbers, Universal Character Method of Human Profiling (UCMHP) and Clarity of Numbers, Visiber, and other spin-off PON-like classes, just to understand basic characteristics of a person?

Learn from the past and do something meaningful today so you can have better profiling knowledge after the webinar.

Why are you constrained and confused unnecessary when profiling charts? Why stick to number patterns when you know it is just one of the many other traits that you can associate with? Why restrict your knowledge just because your trainers naively insisted that these are the only traits they have associated with, and that's all you need to know? You sure about that? The point is, you know the limits yourself and therefore, the desire to broaden your scope of profiling beyond what you have learned.

Enough said, the subject of the webinar: Five Elements Visualisation is a very important lesson that you cannot miss. It is the very essence of the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. You learn and master the visualisation technique to identify more traits on your own, once you acquire the skills during the webinar. It's thought-provoking as it’s a common sense approach to solving the "why I hadn't thought about it before" mindset. You’ll inculcate the growth mindset after the webinar and not be constrained by the fixed mentality that your former trainers have imposed on you.

Discover the elements associated with numbers 1 to 9, its interactions: effect and impact, outcomes and behavioural traits easily. Believe me, and give yourself the chance… to expand your dictionary of personality and characteristics – you can certainly add more traits to the numbers after attending the webinar.

The Five Elements Visualisation topic is an all-important component of the EON method; it’s like revealing the secret to the master key to understand yourself and others better through the understanding of the elements present in your charts. For this reason, webinar fee is set at a higher price of S$42. However, if you take advantage of the early-bird registration, you will pay only S$27.


NOTE: We don't teach you the basic numerology theories.

It is assumed you have understood how to plot an EON chart, know the locations A-X and Hidden Numbers in H1-H5, and have acquired basic numerology techniques.

To register for the webinar,

  • You must have attended any of below numerology course/class before.
    • PON (Power of Numbers)
    • UCMHP (Universal Character Method of Human Profiling), Clarity Numbers
    • LifeQuest (Science of Numbers)
    • Visiber
    • Other classes using PON or UCMHP methods
    • My earlier EON Workshop, FEN (Basic), FEN (Advanced)

  • ALTERNATIVELY, if you have bought our EON book "Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling", practised plotting the charts, profiled many case studies, and understood the EON fundamentals.


  • Payment for each Webinar session is made through PayPal only. The receipt comes direct from PayPal.
  • Once you have registered and made the PayPal payment, no refund is allowed if you are not able to attend the webinar afterwards.
  • We reserved the rights to postpone the webinar series, at the last-minute. A later date would be scheduled. If you are unable to attend the revised schedule, a PayPal refund will be made to you.


What to expect from the AGILITY IN PROFILING Webinar

Insightful EON/FEN topic (from Ron) 100%

Immersive/Participative Experience (from you) 96%

Understanding the Webinar topic (from you) 96%

Fundamentals and techniques (from Ron) 100%

We don't have all the answers to your questions, problems, and needs. Our analysis is based on the tendency signs present in the charts. We cannot change you to become a better person; you are the master of your own destiny and must take personal action to make it happen. We can impart the underlying fundamentals and profiling knowledge to guide you with the means to improve yourself, and achieve the goals you have always wanted. And eventually, we hope you will discover the answers to your own questions, problems, and needs sooner!

Learn specific EON/FEN technique at each Webinar and prepare yourself to face the challenges and overcome obstacles positively while you grab the opportunities to create purposeful and rewarding outcomes.


The names of the persons, products, images or photos, or companies used in the case studies in the book "Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling" and/or mentioned on this site (including our affiliate sites) are for case study and profiling references only; they serve to demonstrate and explain the associations of the numbers, and its elemental effects, based on my research findings. The behaviours, traits, characteristics, and potential health effects stated are not an indication that the person(s), product, or company mentioned will have, exhibit, or suffer from the symptoms and/or traits mentioned.

All reference to external numerology charts and images are copyright, trademark, or registered trademark of the respective owners, and is hereby acknowledged. More details at

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